AI is giving companies a competitive edge.
Why not yours?
As your partner, we cut through the hype and deliver purposeful AI solutions for your company's growth.
Use Cases
customer experience
Instantly understand and respond to each user’s unique goals and preferences.
Automate time-consuming tasks, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions with greater precision.
Accelerate growth
Do more with less, at a higher level of quality, at scale.
A Collaborative Approach
AI isn’t magic. We’re here to teach and upskill your team, discover opportunities, and create solutions together.
We start by gathering context and exploring how AI can benefit you.
Our team leverages AI platforms as well as custom models, directly tailored to your business.
We engineer robust, secure AI services, made to scale with you.
We continuously monitor and refine the models, growing their value over time.
Our Gurus
Jennetta and Adam have over 15 years of experience leading AI/ML teams for top companies like Palantir, Slalom, and Deloitte. They will run point on your embedded team and lead your project to victory.
Ready for your own embedded AI Team?